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How to get to our Villas

From Athens to get to Antiparos island you must first reach Paros island which can be done by airplane or boat.

  • Airplane: There are frequent flights with Olympic Airlines (40 minutes). From the airport you take a taxi to the small port of Pounda (10 minutes) where you will board a small ferry for the 8 minute ride across to Antiparos. (there are continuous routes in season time, every 15 minutes). In case you have a car this is the only way to get a car or motorcycle to Antiparos.
  • Boat: Alternatively one can take the boat from Piraeus or Rafina harbor (approximately 3 hours). On arrival at Paros port, you would then drive to Pounda port (10 km) and take the small ferry across to Antiparos. Once in Antiparos, the Villas are situated 7km from the port – direction West, along the sealine.
  • Helicoper: From Athens 45 minutes.